H.U.G.S. E-mail

Uniquely, Kids 'n Kamp continues to offer Programs and Services to families who have lost their child to cancer. Understanding that these families need the emotional and social support offered by this organization even more after the death of their child, the H.U.G.S. Program was created. Helping to Understand the need for Giggles and Support is designed to give the grieving family time together in an enjoyable…perhaps even a fun-filled atmosphere. i.e. a day at the zoo, a trip to an amusement park, or an evening at the theatre. These free events will not take their pain away or heal their broken hearts, but such episodes of happiness and togetherness serve to rejuvenate and strengthen the wounded family unit following the death of a child.

To register or to learn more, please call (614-262-2220) or e-mail Kids 'n Kamp.