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Because cancer patients can miss a great deal of school due to diagnosis and treatment, they are often in need of tutoring to maintain their grades. In addition, the emotional stress and isolation felt by the siblings in the family may cause them to fall behind in school as well. Therefore, Kids 'n Kamp provides tutoring services - free of charge - for all children in the family.

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, several things often happen. The patient child endures fear, pain and isolation; the siblings feel guilt, isolation and fear of losing their brother or sister; and the parents deal with potential loss of a child, marital stress, financial burden and guilt. Kids 'n Kamp provides free counseling services to families to help overcome these hurdles as they arise. These sessions are arranged for the whole family or any individual who is in need of counseling.


"Sometimes I see families in the first days of crisis when their child has been diagnosed, or more usually, after the reality of illness and loss has set in.  In my career I have worked in many settings, including at a crisis shelter for teens and a psychiatric crisis facility, and it is clear to me that the impact of pediatric cancer is as devastating as anything I have seen."
         – Lara Palay, MSW, LISW-S

"I have been fortunate to see families and individuals grow, make difficult decisions and experience positive changes through the counseling we have been able to offer.  It is a joy to have a youth or parent report that home and school behaviors have improved, that anger has been managed well and that the family is “doing well”.  We have been able to meet very clear goals in all of these areas and more through our counseling services."
         – Patrick Hopping, MSW, LISW-S, LCDC III