Emergency Financial Assistance E-mail

Nationwide Children’s Hospital not only recommends the support of Kids ‘n Kamp to newly diagnosed families, it also uses KNK as a resource to help families who find themselves in financial stress while their child is in treatment.  Kids ‘n Kamp has, in emergency situations, helped families with rent, groceries, car repairs, utility bills, funeral expenses, etc.  The organization also provides wigs for patient children, holiday gifts for families in need and special gifts for dangerously ill children. 



~~$785.00 was spent on hair replacement procedures for three of our kids. Jordan, Martha and Lyndsey will never have a full head of hair due to their cancer treatments. As teens, this procedure has changed their self image and allowed them to find a secure place among their peers.
~~$240.00 was paid to an auto repair shop in Portsmouth. Money was used to pay for parts to repair the vehicle so that the family could make trips to the hospital.  
~~$1400.00 was spent to provide Christmas for 5 families we knew would not otherwise have a Christmas for their Children.
~~$385.00 was paid to Kim’s Wigs to pay for a wig for Tiffany. She was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 15.
~~$400.00 for a missionary trip to Belize for Micah. Diagnosed  with leukemia, Micah hopes to make missionary work his life’s work.
~~$500.00 was given to a family whose son was diagnosed with leukemia in at the age of 4 months. Jackson’s parent’s needed help paying for their health insurance. Even after a bone marrow transplant Jackson lost his battle with cancer.
~~$1000.00 was paid to Elizabeth to pay for rent, a car payment and also to buy groceries. Elizabeth’s daughter was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 12. Elizabeth is a single mom and needed help until she could get back to work.
~~$510.00 was sent to Michaels’ family to help pay for his headstone after his death.
~~$150.00 was sent to Shannon who suffered from graft vs host disease after a bone marrow transplant when she relapsed from leukemia. Shannon wanted to shop with her mother...something that she loved to do. Even though we lost Shannon, we are happy to have given her a shopping spree with her mother.
~~$250.00 was paid to Meijer for a gift certificate for groceries for Taylor’s family.
~~$300.00 Kroger gift certificate was purchased for Brittany’s family. Brittany was diagnosed with Rhabomyosarcoma and Dad was out of work.  Brittany passed away.
~~$1000.00 to ten year old Rachel who lived in Brazil with her missionary family, but once diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, returned to Westerville. The money was for the family to use for their return trip to Brazil. The trip would be her last. Rachel said goodbye to all of her friends there and passed away at home here a few days before Christmas.
~~$600.00 in grocery gift cards is given to the Moms of Kids ‘n Kamp annually.
~~$200.00 to a family in need of back to school clothing for Kaitlynn who was diagnosed with leukemia.
~~Kids ‘n Kamp made possible the donation of a used car for a family who had no transportation to go back and forth to the hospital.
~~$400.00 to Lonnette’s family to help with Christmas gifts. Lonnette was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma.
~~$200.00 to buy a bike for Terry, a brain tumor patient. Terry will never be able to drive a car and was thrilled with a bike.
~~$350.00 to Charissa’s family to help with Christmas. Charissa was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  
~~$400.00 to seven year old Ian’s family. Ian underwent a bone marrow transplant and his single Mom needed help making ends meet.